Bednar tumor Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Bednar tumor Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Bednar tumor is a type of tumor that is the most uncommon variant of protuberant dermatofibrosarcoma. Another name for this tumor is protuberant dermatofibrosarcoma pigmentosa, and this one is the moderate one among them. Bednar tumor is usually diagnosed in adults and is found in the shoulder part of the body. At first, a 40 years old patient was diagnosed with a Bednar tumor, in a very well-known hospital. When the report says that there is a pigmented lesson of fuss forming cells, and the patient had a Bednar tumor.

Excisions are done by the physician completely without any prior cytology. They use mainly fine-needle aspiration biopsy and sometimes puncture biopsy. Bednar Tumour can be diagnosed very easily because it is found just under your skin. The cells are seen to be designed in a honeycomb pattern and are seen to be intertwined bundles. Very high pigmented cells are also seen surrounding the tumor. The patients are advised to regularly visit the hospital for checkups.

Bednar tumor Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment


Bednar tumor Symptoms

Initially, the patch is flat and slightly raised and feels just like the texture of rubber, and it is hard when you touch it. Sometimes it is seen to be a scar or shrunken skin, also called wrinkled and causing your skin to become purplish, reddish-brown, or maybe in light red color. Not so common, this tumor is seen to be soft that causes physicians to diagnose it with some difficulty. When the tumor is not diagnosed at the correct time, it starts becoming hard and may cause pain and bleeding. It is said that this condition only occurs in people, including about 5 to 10%.

Bednar tumor Causes

The cause of this disease is not yet discovered. A scar from a burn or surgery may increase your risk of developing a Bednar tumor. Women, especially in African countries, are going through this tumor mostly at 40 to 50 years. Pregnant women are seen to be at high risk of this tumor because the tumor will grow faster in them. After all, the rate of growth in it is faster as compared to the non-pregnant patient. Researchers also found out that it is not a hereditary disease.

Bednar tumor Diagnosis

If the patient shows no symptoms, it is very difficult to detect which tumor it is. During the early period of this tumor, sometimes physicians may not be able to diagnose it correctly and can name it as another tumor or disease. It is mostly diagnosed correctly during the period in which it starts growing rapidly. When finally the doctor diagnoses it correctly, then they might want you to go for a biopsy. For the confirmation of a Bednar tumor, the dermatologist will take the patient’s skin as a sample and will examine it under the microscope. This step is very crucial as it will lead to the correct diagnosis of the tumor. An MRI machine is used to examine the size of the tumor, which will help the dermatologist to do the incision during surgery.

Bednar tumor Treatment

While thinking about the treatment by the dermatologist, they first examine how deep the tumor is, its size, and how much it is grown within the skin. Dermatologists also check the body’s tumor location and do some tests to check the patient’s health.

Treatment necessary for this tumor is listed below.

Mohs micrographic surgery

This type of surgery includes the removal of the skin where this tumor occurs. Each skin is taken out from the body to examine under the microscope to check the cancerous cell. The process is done till the dermatologist finds out that there are no cancerous cells left. Mostly this surgery is done under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist and injected anesthesia to the patients. Mohs surgery lessens the regrowth of this tumor.


Excision is a surgical procedure that can be used for large tumors. This surgery is done when this tumor penetrates the bones from the bone.

Systemic therapy

When chemotherapy does not affect you in any way, then it is the best to do. This therapy is used to shrink the tumor.

Radiation therapy

It has been suggested to go through with radiotherapy after the surgery of the Bednar tumor. It is prescribed to be done after the surgery which will reduce the chances of regrowth of the Bednar tumor. People who do not want to go with any surgery also go through with it to get rid of the tumor.

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