Does Caillou have Cancer, Why is he Bald with no Hair?

Does Caillou have Cancer? True Story behind Urban Legend

Get answers to Does Caillou have Cancer? Why is he Bald? Why does Caillou have no hair? True story behind the urban legend character.

You might be among those who are always surprised to see little Calliou. He is a bald kid who has a little sister named Rosy around 2 or 3 years old and has a full head of hair.

Yes, you are getting my point, that even if Rosy is 2 or 3 years old , why does she have more hair than Calliou? But the reason behind why is Caillou bald is shocking.

Caillou Urban Legend is quite popular which tells the story of a boy named Caillou who has no hair and who has cancer and is going through chemotherapy treatments for the conditions like Leukemia (Blood Cells Cancer), that have made him bald. Is he really suffering from cancer or this is the only controversy which is created to make him popular if you want to know reality than keep reading.

Does Caillou have Cancer, Why is he Bald? Story behind Urban Legend

Does Caillou have Cancer, Why is he Bald with no Hair?

Now, let’s get to the answers of the questions like does Caillou have Cancer? Why is Caillou Bald? Why does Caillou have no hair?

Does Caillou have Cancer?

Caillou is bald and that makes perfect sense if Caillou has cancer. If a patient goes through Chemotherapy, it makes him/her lose body hair including the skull. Being aware of his condition, Caillou uses that unique thing in a very positive way which every child has, yes I am talking about his imagination.

Since Caillou believes that he will never grow up, he imagines the things he could be such as a firefighter, police officer, or a doctor, etc. It is quite natural for kids to imagine themselves as they are in different professions. In the Caillou story, as he is being told that you have an illness that cannot be cured but only managed and you will die soon. Then what he can do other than lying in bed all day doing nothing and use his imagination. Be a superhero, be a firefighter, be a doctor.

Caillou’s Cancer Story has many other versions like he has already died of cancer and his grandmother is telling stories of his life. Caillou does not have cancer but instead, the writers wanted Caillou to be at that stage of development where kids didn’t have hair. They also wanted Caillou to look just like the books. However, the real story behind the urban legends of Caillou is that Caillou represents all Kids suffering from Cancer.

Caillou in Different Characters

As mentioned above that the little bald boy imagines himself as different characters such as firefighter, doctor, superhero and so on. One thinking perspective about the imaginary characters is that the little kid shows in this way that how he fights with cancer like fireman Caillou show how the urban legend says that he deals with cancer through imagination. The reason his parents let him get his way all the time even though most of the times, it doesn’t make any sense to let him do dangerous things but reason is, they know he’s ill and they just can’t bear to say him “no”.

For such a young kid, it is pretty hard to be aware of his condition. But it is also a fact that he is no doubt very brave. He tries to cope with the situation by using one of the strongest tools, his imagination. He’s not sure if he’ll be able to actually grow up so he uses his imagination to go on adventures and experience all the different things he could be.

According to another version, Caillou urban legend says he’s already died, and his grandmother is the one who is now telling stories about his life. She tells the stories to keep the memory of her grandson alive. This version is equally painful like others.

Caillou Cancer Story

Caillou Cancer Story becomes very controversial when people involved with the show and the book insist that no, Caillou does not have cancer. In fact reading through their writings about it seem downright defensive about the topic, often making it the first thing they mention about the show. They argue about his shaved head and say that the reason behind it is not cancer They used to say that he is bald because t it shows that he was at the age when kids don’t have hair yet, and when they made the cartoon they wanted him to look the same as in the books.

Let’s assume that it was really the only reason behind his shaved head and they only want him to look like the cartoon. Then they must admit that it was a bad decision. They didn’t even think about it that it may become such a huge controversy, as it has caused many parents to ban their kids from watching Caillou.

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