Honokiol Supplement Benefits, Side effects, Dosage and Cancer Treatment

Honokiol Supplement Benefits, Side effects, Dosage and Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a disease that affects a wide variety of people, and in recent years, its incidence rate as well as its fatality rate has been increasing. According to recent statistics from the World Health Organization, the worldwide cancer burden and number of cancer-related deaths are projected to double within the next decade. The development of chemoresistance and significant side effects from synthetic medications used in cancer treatment is becoming increasingly common. Cancer is a complex illness that involves the modulation of many targets and carcinogenic signaling pathways.

Honokiol is the most extensively explored active constituent of Magnolia spp. bark and one of two main biphenolic compounds identified from the bark. There are species of Magnolia all over the world, however, most of them are found in eastern and southeastern Asia. Magnolia Officinalis bark, cones, and leaves have been utilized for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, where they are known as “houpa.” The spread of cancer cells and the formation of new tumors are both slowed or stopped by using magnolia extract (ME).  

Honokiol also helps in preventing health problems by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, protecting the nervous system, and regulating glucose. It also helps in treating mental illnesses like anxiety and depression and help controls the way the body responds to stress.

The preliminary study on honokiol is convincing, and its prospective benefits, paired with its lack of toxic effects, are encouraging. A rising number of professionals are actively using honokiol as adjuvant therapy for the treatment of a variety of pro-inflammatory and neurologic disorders, as well as several kinds of cancer. To confirm and further clarify the wide variety of applications of honokiol, clinical investigations are urgently required.

Honokiol Supplement Benefits, Side effects, Dosage and Cancer Treatment

Honokiol Supplement Benefits

For generations, honokiol has been utilized to boost people’s learning abilities and memory.   It is well-known that honokiol possesses a neuroprotective quality. Honokiol is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, unlike other medications and herbal medicines. This barrier is the gate between the blood and the central nervous system. Only a few substances can get through it. Honokiol encourages strong connections between nerve cells after entering the body. It enables brain cells to interact more quickly and efficiently, hence increasing an individual’s cognitive capacity.

The honokiol-containing bark of the magnolia tree has been utilized for centuries as a natural sedative.  It reduces anxiety by activating endocannabinoid receptors and decreasing adrenaline and cortisol.

Low serotonin levels are mostly seen in patients suffering from depression. Rodents under stress are seen to respond well to mixtures of honokiol and magnolol from magnolia bark. This is because of its capacity to restore normal blood serotonin levels. Studies demonstrate that treating anxiety and depression with honokiol also cures sleep disturbances. Its capacity to arouse the neurons that promote sleep serves as the mechanism.

Honokiol Supplement Side effects and Dosage

Honokiol is employed to cure a variety of health conditions, but it is crucial to keep in mind that it is not completely risk-free. According to some reports, it promotes more bleeding. The dosage of this supplement is mostly managed by the licensed healthcare provider. Patients with hemophilia or clotting abnormalities must also administer it with considerable caution. In addition to its neuroprotective properties, a high dose proves harmful to the central nerve tissue. In vitro evaluation indicates that at larger concentrations, neuronal death occurs.

The most frequently advised Honokiol dosages are as follows:

  • 150-300 milligrams for a 150-pound person.
  • 200–400 milligrams for a 200 lb individual.
  • For a 250-lb individual, 300–500 mg.

Honokiol Supplement Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a significant public health issue on a global scale. Advances in cancer detection and the implementation of suitable preventive and therapeutic techniques are required to achieve considerable success in the fight against cancer.

In the past, honokiol was utilized for the treatment of anxiety and strokes, in addition to the relief of symptoms associated with the flu. This organic compound exhibits multiple therapeutic effects, such as anti-arrhythmic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-depressant, anti-thrombocytic and anxiolytic.

It is discovered that honokiol, which is present in magnolia bark, kills cancer cells by inhibiting the process of angiogenesis and, as a result, reducing the microscopic blood vessels that feed cancer. Honokiol is a pharmacologically safe medicine that is often used alone or in conjunction with other chemotherapeutic medications to prevent and treat cancer.

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