Nervoscope Uses, Reading, Instructions, Accuracy

Nervoscope Uses, Reading, Instructions, Accuracy

The Nervoscope is a specialized instrument that is utilized in the chiropractic care process to identify subluxations, provide accurate pre- and post-adjustment readings, and contribute to the achievement of best patient outcomes. It works by monitoring minute temperature variations in the tissues along the spine. The device uses needle deflections to accurately diagnose spinal issues.


  1. Detect subluxations.
  2. Provide reliable pre and post-adjustment readings.
  3. Conduct effective and accurate spinal analysis.
  4. Identify spinal problems by analyzing needle deflections.

Reading Process

The Nervoscope has cold tips initially, which warm up to the body temperature as it is run up and down the spine. Proper technique, including the correct angle, width, speed, and pressure, is crucial for accurate readings.


  1. Move the Nervoscope up and down the spine to detect spinal problems.
  2. The device can be comfortably used on individuals of all ages, including children, adults, and animals, for both pre-and post-adjustment assessments.

Quality and Durability:

  1. The Nervoscope undergoes triple quality checks before shipping to ensure its reliability and accuracy.
  2. The device is built to last, offering durability for prolonged use in chiropractic practices.

Accuracy and Interference Rejection:

  1. The Nervoscope is engineered to reject radio frequency interference (RFI) from external sources like cell phones, fluorescent lights, tablets, and laptops.
  2. High-quality Nervoscopes provide very reliable information and remain unaffected by RFI, ensuring accurate readings for chiropractic assessments.

Ensuring Accuracy in Nervoscope Assessments

Accuracy is paramount when using the Nervoscope. Chiropractors take specific measures to maintain precision:

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the Nervoscope, including cleaning and calibration checks, guarantees its accuracy and longevity.

Continued Training

Chiropractors undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest techniques and best practices for Nervoscope usage.

In conclusion, the Nervoscope is a specialized instrument in chiropractic care, known for its precision, reliability, and ability to provide accurate spinal analysis by detecting subluxations and spinal problems. Proper technique and the device’s resistance to external interference contribute to its effectiveness in delivering optimal patient outcomes.

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