Pericallosal Lipoma Symptoms, Causes, Prognosis, Treatment

Pericallosal Lipoma Symptoms, Causes, Prognosis, Treatment

Lipoma refers to a benign tumor based upon fat tissue. Its site of occurrence is generally under the human skin or sometimes even deeper than that. A lipoma is mobile, painless, and soft to the feel. A person may develop several lipomas throughout the body.  

One kind out of its many kinds is the pericallosal lipoma. It is a lipoma associated with the corpus callosum of the human brain. The Corpus callosum serves as an intermediate between the left and right sides of the brain. Its function is the transfer of information from cerebral hemispheres to produce signals. 

Fat-containing lesions occurring in the interhemispheric opening or the corpus callosum are known as pericallosal lipomas. These kinds of brain-associated lipomas are rare. 

Pericallosal Lipoma Symptoms

Whenever dealing with any abnormality of the body, there is one thing of foremost importance. And that is the signs and symptoms of the concerned disorder. It is essential so the person exhibiting those signs and symptoms should necessarily consult a doctor. 

There are no specific symptoms of this problems however, data shows that people who were diagnosed with this kind of diploma had severe headaches and seizures history. To conclude, persistent headaches and seizures are known to be the symptoms of this lipoma. 

Pericallosal Lipoma Symptoms, Causes, Prognosis, Treatment

Pericallosal Lipoma Causes

In the majority of the cases, the cause of pericallosal lipoma is inheriting it from someone from your family. It is essential to mention that healthcare providers are not yet fully sure what causes lipoma. 

However, in several other cases, the cause of this kind of lipoma is also linked with the patient’s history. For example accidents that damage any component or portion of brain are sometimes also accountable for the lipoma.

Epilepsy is yet another known cause associated with the generation of lipomas in the corpus callosum region of the human brain. To conclude, healthcare providers are still working on brain lipomas; They are curious to know the root cause behind it. 

Pericallosal Lipoma Prognosis

The prognosis of this anomaly, associated with the human brain, is good. However, there is also one drawback related to that. Now, what is that? Though its prognosis is good so far, there is a probability of disability. That disability may cause dysfunction of the neurological region of your brain. 

It is also capable of debilitating seizures to be totally symptomatic. Most of the rare cases affected with pericallosal lipoma are also the ones that contain cranium bifidum in the lipomas. If that is the case, sometimes the option of surgical therapy is necessary to carry out.

Now, what does cranium bifidum means? It means that, irregular and abnormal osseous defects of the calvarium portion. It is caused by meninges herniation. 

Pericallosal Lipoma Treatment

For pericallosal lipoma, no specific kind of treatment is needed. However, if seizures are present, then the case of the person needs proper handling. The prognosis, in that case, is also dependent to a greater extent on the presence of any additional abnormality related to the central nervous system. 

For the treatment procedure of pericallosal lipoma, surgical therapy is also not accompanied. Why not? Since the risks associated with the surgical treatment method outweighs the benefits in the majority of the diagnosed cases. If not taken into consideration, the surgery method may also cause high mortality rates. For that reason, there is usually no special treatment for these kinds of lipomas.

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