Toomey Syringe 50cc, 60cc, 70cc Uses

Toomey Syringe 50cc, 60cc, 70cc Uses

What is Toomey Syringe?

The Toomey syringe is a crucial and flexible medical tool with many applications. The Toomey syringe is a versatile medical tool used to inject medicine into or remove fluid from a patient’s body during surgery. These syringes are often used for wound care, abscess or cyst draining, local anesthetic administration, and surgical resections. Injections are given either intramuscularly or subcutaneously with a Toomey syringe. 

Dr. Toomey is recognized for developing this particular syringe. Toomey syringes are distinct from other syringe varieties because they contain a unique nozzle that aids in preventing fluid backflow. The tip of the Toomey syringe is small and sharp so that it can go through the skin and into the body. Besides injecting medication, this Toomey syringe can also inject blood or saline. 

 Drugs and fluids are mostly injected into muscles, joints, and veins with these Toomey syringes. They can also drain fluids. It’s a multi-use syringe, meaning that one can reuse it over and over again. The Toomey syringe has mostly replaced the catheter due to its lower invasiveness and potential lack of pain for the patient.

Toomey Syringe 50cc, 60cc, 70cc Uses

Toomey Syringe 50cc Uses

The MD Resource Toomey Syringe Cap fits into the tip of a 50/60cc Toomey syringe and allows it to stand upright without losing its contents. These caps are delivered non-sterile but can be disinfected multiple times by autoclaving. When the syringe containing the harvested fat is left upright, these are used. Before reinjection, the fat is separated from undesirable aspirate and then discarded. The 60cc Toomey syringe is a popular option that offers sufficient capacity for a variety of medical applications.

Toomey Syringe 60cc Uses

Syringe size depends on patient needs. Most medical facilities and hospitals utilize syringes with a two-liter capacity. This device is mainly used to give drugs and anesthesia. The use of syringes in a medical or surgical context is highly advantageous. 

Toomey syringes are a form of piston syringe. A piston syringe consists of a cylindrical barrel and a plunger that rotates inside the barrel to produce suction or apply pressure, aspirating or injecting fluids, respectively. This design is used in the Bard Toomey syringe, which also has a plunger that is in the shape of a ring for simple one-handed operation. Its graduated barrel measures fluids accurately. This multipurpose medical tool is used to remove fluids from cavities or tissues, as well as for feeding, injection, drainage, and irrigation. 

The barrel of these syringes is typically graduated for precise fluid measurement and is typically made of plastic. This Toomey syringe’s most common size is 60cc, which provides medical practitioners with a significant 60cc capacity.

Toomey Syringe 70cc Uses

A disposable, sanitary, 70cc syringe with a thumb ring is intended to reduce hand slippage and, consequently, contamination of the barrel or solution container.


This Toomey syringe contains the following specifications:

  • The catheter tip adapter and luer tip adapter are included with the Toomey tip contro-piston syringe.
  • The barrel is marked with oz and cc graduations that are raised, large, and simple to read.
  • The elongated tip’s enlarged orifice facilitates the removal of blood clots and mucus fragments.

Medical Uses

Toomey Syringes offer a wide range of medical applications, making them a useful tool in medical settings such as:


Toomey syringes are frequently used by orthopedic surgeons for joint injections and aspirations. The precision of these syringes assures the accurate placement of medications and the elimination of synovial fluid from joints.

Wound Care

Toomey syringes are utilized for delicate wound irrigation and cleansing in wound care. The controlled fluid flow from the syringe facilitates thorough cleaning and limits tissue injury.


Toomey Syringes are used by radiologists to inject contrast chemicals during imaging procedures including arthrograms and myelograms. 


Toomey Syringes are used by gastroenterologists for operations such as paracentesis and thoracentesis, in which the accurate removal of fluid is crucial for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with abdominal or thoracic effusions.


Toomey Syringes are used to gently aspirate amniotic fluid during prenatal examinations, providing mother and baby safety and comfort.

Advantages of Toomey Syringes

Toomey Syringes offer numerous advantages over standard syringes, including:

Precision: These syringes eliminate complications by precisely aspirating and injecting fluids.

Versatility: Toomey Syringes are easily adaptable to a wide range of medical operations due to their varied sizes.

Reduced damage to tissues: The controlled flow reduces damage to tissues during procedures, which helps patients heal faster.

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